The Carry On


We LOVE making music videos of your wedding day! Our Spotlights are the perfect amount of awesome to show what your wedding celebration was all about. “The Carry On” keeps it simple with one Spotlight (1 song length), your Ceremony Vows (real-time), 1 Vignette, and a 15 seconds next day tease! A Vignette is a very lightly edited footage of an event that needs a little extra screen time.

The 2 Piece


THE 2 PIECE is like the THE CARRY ON, but you get 2 Spotlights instead of 1, 3 Vignettes, and we do a lot more shooting and editing. We usually split up your wedding day in half for your your Spotlights, but every wedding is unique and that’s how we like to approach them. We shoot your wedding in a photo-journalistic way so that it looks like how it felt to be there.

The Full Kit


The Full Kit is a fully custom tailored package and we require a consultation. It is very similar to the 2 Piece, but you also get handful of other options. Please reach out to us to learn more!

What's a Vignette?


Sometimes there's a moment during your wedding day that needs a little extra love. We get that and we got you covered. We'll slow it down and give you a little more.


Super 8 Film


Add that extra touch of nostalgia by adding Super 8mm film to any package or session! In addition to the hd/film edit, you will get the film reel with a digital version of it. Each reel is about 2-3 minutes. 3 Rolls are highly recommended for a full wedding day.

The Quick Look


A Quick Look is an extra shoot session with us. It is an awesome way to hype up your wed!ding to your family and friends, OR even do a post-wedding session

Video and Photo!


If you are still looking for a photographer, we don't do that. BUT we do highly recommend our friend Jill of Jill Denny Photogprahy! We even have added incentives for booking us both!